Monday, 15 September 2014

Prosperity Dance with MCP

I learned to discipline myself in this battlefield, especially after I bought a specific stock. I know what will be the target percentage of gains. The gains above with MCP credits to my wife portfolio. The money on the account came from our wedding prosperity dance. I encouraged her to invest and she is pretty supportive with the decision.

I recommend MCP to her because of the upcoming City of Dreams launching, I closely watched the buyers and sellers of this stock before pressing the buy button, I notice Deutsche and J.P Morgan are buying MCP and with the confirmation of good news of collaboration with Ault Group, a renowned nightclub brands to bring a world class experience in gaming and nightlife into the Philippines fast growing gaming market.

We made a right decision.

Patience is also a key and sticking to your plans, MCP celebrated one month on our portfolio.

Congratulations to MCP holders.

Sincerely yours,

NEWBIE Mentor 

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