Thursday, 18 September 2014

Live Below Your Gains

The famous words "tipid" and "kuripot" are usually recommended by financial advisors but they never tell you to create a passive income instead they will offer different financial instruments in which they could get commissions once you buy their products. They would say " stock market is dangerous and risky, better to invest your money on this insurance or funds", then the flowery talks go on and on. Take actions and calculate your risk appetite.I highly recommend investing on the stock market because of our growing economy.

Let's face the fact that multi-level marketing strategy started to be applied by financial institutions, the more you recruit the more you gains,sounds familiar right. I'm not against with it because company saves a lot from their marketing expenses but better to be on top or pioneer. At the end of the day they will tell you "Live below your means because you need to pay for expensive monthly payments".

When I started my journey in the stock market, every time that I gained and picked the right stock, I will treat myself and look at my portfolio of how much money I could spend.
 I had a dinner today at a good restaurant and with a special service of a chef...


Side dish

Main Course

The bill is 380 kroner = 2679 pesos.

My gains today is

I live below my gains.

I realized that since I'm on travel, company pay for all my food expenses.
The dinner was free.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. Please don't join a movement or subscribe to a newsletter that there is no proven method or gains, I rather take time to study it myself or join PAM Academy lol.....

If you have extras and have a big amount of capital then subscription is not an issue but if you are starting with a capital not more than 30 000 then their promises that you could gain easier with their method is only a marketing style.

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