Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Life vs Stock

Stock movement is up and down metaphorically can be compared to our journey in life.
The celebration of life and death of loved ones, promotions and job loss, passed and failed exam, visas approved and disapproved, rejections and acceptance, healing and sickness etc.

Whatever moments of ups and downs in our life, the important part of it is "LEARNING" or "SCAR" that  would leave a marked. The next time that will encounter those situations, we will be stronger and prepared.

There are many life situations or events that could affect our journey and might hit us any time, same situation with our chosen stock. Stock could go up and down dictated by different external factors, economic stability, dividends, follow on offering, IPO, merger, expansion plans, earnings, stock rights etc.

One good example of a stock that keeps moving up and down is MEG, I highly recommended this stock from our PAM Ghost Webinar and PAM Lock Webinar, I followed the movement of this stock in the past 2 weeks and  worth my positioned:

I mentioned that amongst the highlighted stock by COL financial and BPI Sec that MEG have the highest potential upside from the given fair value of both brokers.



I gave an entry point below 4.20 and the current price of the stock is tracing 4.50 above, equivalent to more than 5% gains. Indeed, the ups of this stock should be taken into consideration that the rally will continue due to the increasing earnings and more projects to launch. I mentioned DNL as well because of the presence of the stock in both brokers list.

At the end of the day, whether Life or Stock , we should have the Upside in our journey and live at the present moment.

Sincerly yours,


P.S. If you followed the PAM recommendations on the webinar, then your portfolio will have at least 5% gains because your mentor's portfolio showing a Green Christmas light. Follow the leader or I would say validate the leader's picked.

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