Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Freedom Plan

Do you have a freedom plan?

Yesterday, I attended a webinar online with the suitcase entrepreneur with Natalie instead of the inception marketing with Eric, the later was free and the other one with entrance fee of 200 kroner.

I keep investing on webinars and trainings  to increase my knowledge in running online businesses and being an entrepreneur. My dream one day is to put my businesses in different countries especially in the Philippines.

Currently, I'm trying to take a venture in the field of stock market
1. Development of Applications - PAM PSE Tracker:

2. PAM Academy - Online Coaching.

I believed that thru those online tools, I will be able to touch many Pinoys to invest in the stock market and learn how to achieve financial freedom. The truth those tools above are not earning yet because of the expenses in developing the platforms and investment capital but I'm looking for long term prospectives. If I have patience with my stocks to goes up then I will double my patience to have a breakthrough on this field. 

As per Steve Jobs, stay hungry and keep looking. I will follow his advise, it's only a matter of time.

I would like to share to those aspiring entrepreneurs the take away learnings from the suitcase entrepreneur:

1. Embrace Freedom Mindset - not only changing mindsets but taking actions.
2. Creating Financial Freedom - Earning Money.
3. Living the freedom lifestyle.

Start with the foundation of changing your mindset and focusing it on the way to achieve freedom in every areas of your life such as freedom from 9-5 hours job, freedom from debts, freedom from stressful commitments etc.

Taking actions to create money machines that will create your financial freedom to do whatever you want without working but consistently receiving cash flows.Starting sideline businesses, promotions, affiliate marketings, royalties from books etc.etc.

Living the freedom lifestyle, travelling around the world, eating at the most expensive restaurants, flying on business class seats, staying at the famous beach resorts and hotels etc. etc.

Create your freedom plan.

Sincerely yours,


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