Tuesday, 30 September 2014


The biggest mistakes of lottery winners after winning is living the life of a rich man, spending on material things that they never had before, investing on businesses that they don't understand, helping others without helping themselves, lacking knowledge on financial education, etc etc.  results bankruptcy.

If we are going to examine how self made millionaires handle their money, they have one thing in common  "following strict financial rules".

I made my own financial rules and continuously following it month after month:

1. Money can't buy happiness thru buying material things. I learned to buy wealth - assets. Assets that could increase my net worth thru potential earnings and appreciation values. Ex. Income from rental properties,AIR BNB  https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/4001727

2. Create money machines. Investing on stock market, mutual funds, uitf, etc. Consistently injecting funds on different financial instruments.

3. Live below my means but with a comfortable lifestyle . Collect coupons and discount rates from different establishments. Maximize budget given by employer during business trips. Buying discounted products. Cutting cable subscriptions and saving from utilities etc. etc.

4. Keep investing on different ventures and investing on education.
 Dividend shares on poultry business.

Funding a project that could change investors and traders experiences.


5. Sharing blessings and teaching others.

For those that don't have a strategy and started investing on the stock market, I highly encourage you to join us even on the Free version of PAM Academy

What about you? Kindly share your financial rules by giving comments below.

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