Friday, 5 September 2014

Be Inspire

There are many reasons why we started investing in the stock market and want to grow our money thru passive income. Maybe, a dream house, a dream car or  future retirement. We want to have a peace of mind that someday financial freedom will be one step away.

I would like to encourage you to be inspire and consistently adding funds to your investments.Sticking to your plans and motivate yourself by visualizing the brighter future. The comfortable and happy life for our families. The blessings that we could share to those that are financially suffering. Spread the value of saving and investing.

My inspiration in this journey to financial freedom is my baby, 8 months from now he or she will open eyes to the beauty of this life. I'm excited on building my family, sharing the happy moments and good things that life will bring along this journey. Happy relationship will lead to a successful life, as they said success will depends 75%  on your marriage life.

Happy relationship with your families, friends and loved ones even in social media. Another thing that I'm thankful is a growing PAM rich friends community, the trust and confidence given to our analyst are really encouraging especially Prof Leo and Ms. PAM. The knowledge shared by members can be feel at the PAMers chat room.

PAM students are an inspiration and motivation to make our research and analysis stand out. Few successes in our picks, House when we bought it at 6.50 sold at 8, the DD sold at 9 above, SINO bought at 1.13- 1.27 range sold at 1.50 above, AGI below 24.30 entry point, Bloom above 12 TP, Meg with 6% at the moment,  CPG that until now waiting for the reversal sign, PCOR and PGOLD added on our long term stocks and MCP as a stock play for 3rd quarter etc.

In a successful relationship, you should be authentic, true to yourself and to everyone around you. Being newbie in this field, you need to ask a mentor or experience investor and do your assignment later. You might encounter harsh response but that's ok, his portfolio might be suffering from blood bath.

Keep yourself inspired and continuously learning in this battlefield.

Sincerely yours,


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