Monday, 29 September 2014


Did you know that there is a story of a financial blogger that wants to have a 1 million investment on his portfolio that achieved it at his 40th birthday. Another blogger named Pat Flyn  living with his passive income that supports his family, . A maid of brother Bo that hitting his stocks portfolio of more than 600 000 pesos, .

There are a lot of inspiring stories about financial freedom and achievements around, you need to read and be inspire by stories to start your own quest to financial freedom.

One story that I would like to share with you is about a dishwasher that hit his one million peso goal without knowing it. His originally from Batangas and came from not a wealthy family but his parents supported his education because they believed education will be the only inheritance that they could leave as a legacy.

Unfortunately, the dishwasher needs to stop on his studies due to family reunification with his mother. When he arrived in Italy, he was able to see the reality of life that money cannot be earn easily and you need to work hard for it. The sad part of the story, his mother suffering from pulmonary bronchitis and needed a proper medication. He decided to work and took responsibility of his life at a young age. Without any education and  language barrier, he landed as a dishwasher in a small restaurant.

He save money and plan for his education, while his mother having a medical treatment in the Philippines. After one year and a week before Christmas, he received a devastating call, his mother died. The start of a new journey began.

After 6 months, he went back to Philippines to finish his Bachelors Degree, due to the need to earn a better salary, he leave the country again and worked abroad. This time with a changed mindset, and a better plans. He pursue further studies and earned culinary arts diploma for a Chef position. He saved and invested for himself, took actions and worked hard. He started his journey to financial freedom thru different financial instrument, stocks, mutual funds,real estate, vul etc etc. He tried different positions and lived in different cities abroad.

Fast forward, 2014 as of today, upon checking the result of his hardwork in real estate, he was surprised that commissions from real estate helped him achieved the 1 million peso goal, then he  reinvested it and the figures below SOA as of August 2014:

Another strategy, he keep himself with the latest trends and news in the stock market.
His buying power ready on the side especially one broker mentioned that slight correction might happen:

The story is to inspire and not to brag about it.
The dishwasher is launching his upcoming NEWBIE book this coming month of October.
Please kindly help him on his journey to sell 1 million copies of the book, every Pinoy household, every cities, every islands in the Philippines should reach his book. Another journey will start, a journey to deliver 1 million copies of newbie book.

Sincerly yours,





  1. I'm a dishwasher too.. :) proud to be dishwasher.. and i hope i will achieve my first million peso :)

    1. yes soon..just focus on cashflow machines and keep yourself invested

  2. Very inspiring po ang story ninyo! Thank you for sharing!


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