Tuesday, 30 September 2014


The biggest mistakes of lottery winners after winning is living the life of a rich man, spending on material things that they never had before, investing on businesses that they don't understand, helping others without helping themselves, lacking knowledge on financial education, etc etc.  results bankruptcy.

If we are going to examine how self made millionaires handle their money, they have one thing in common  "following strict financial rules".

I made my own financial rules and continuously following it month after month:

1. Money can't buy happiness thru buying material things. I learned to buy wealth - assets. Assets that could increase my net worth thru potential earnings and appreciation values. Ex. Income from rental properties,AIR BNB  https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/4001727

2. Create money machines. Investing on stock market, mutual funds, uitf, etc. Consistently injecting funds on different financial instruments.

3. Live below my means but with a comfortable lifestyle . Collect coupons and discount rates from different establishments. Maximize budget given by employer during business trips. Buying discounted products. Cutting cable subscriptions and saving from utilities etc. etc.

4. Keep investing on different ventures and investing on education.
 Dividend shares on poultry business.

Funding a project that could change investors and traders experiences.


5. Sharing blessings and teaching others.

For those that don't have a strategy and started investing on the stock market, I highly encourage you to join us even on the Free version of PAM Academy

What about you? Kindly share your financial rules by giving comments below.

Sincerely yours,


Monday, 29 September 2014


Did you know that there is a story of a financial blogger that wants to have a 1 million investment on his portfolio that achieved it at his 40th birthday. Another blogger named Pat Flyn  living with his passive income that supports his family, http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ . A maid of brother Bo that hitting his stocks portfolio of more than 600 000 pesos, http://bosanchezmembers.com/amember/go.php?r=48140 .

There are a lot of inspiring stories about financial freedom and achievements around, you need to read and be inspire by stories to start your own quest to financial freedom.

One story that I would like to share with you is about a dishwasher that hit his one million peso goal without knowing it. His originally from Batangas and came from not a wealthy family but his parents supported his education because they believed education will be the only inheritance that they could leave as a legacy.

Unfortunately, the dishwasher needs to stop on his studies due to family reunification with his mother. When he arrived in Italy, he was able to see the reality of life that money cannot be earn easily and you need to work hard for it. The sad part of the story, his mother suffering from pulmonary bronchitis and needed a proper medication. He decided to work and took responsibility of his life at a young age. Without any education and  language barrier, he landed as a dishwasher in a small restaurant.

He save money and plan for his education, while his mother having a medical treatment in the Philippines. After one year and a week before Christmas, he received a devastating call, his mother died. The start of a new journey began.

After 6 months, he went back to Philippines to finish his Bachelors Degree, due to the need to earn a better salary, he leave the country again and worked abroad. This time with a changed mindset, and a better plans. He pursue further studies and earned culinary arts diploma for a Chef position. He saved and invested for himself, took actions and worked hard. He started his journey to financial freedom thru different financial instrument, stocks, mutual funds,real estate, vul etc etc. He tried different positions and lived in different cities abroad.

Fast forward, 2014 as of today, upon checking the result of his hardwork in real estate, he was surprised that commissions from real estate helped him achieved the 1 million peso goal, then he  reinvested it and the figures below SOA as of August 2014:

Another strategy, he keep himself with the latest trends and news in the stock market.
His buying power ready on the side especially one broker mentioned that slight correction might happen:

The story is to inspire and not to brag about it.
The dishwasher is launching his upcoming NEWBIE book this coming month of October.
Please kindly help him on his journey to sell 1 million copies of the book, every Pinoy household, every cities, every islands in the Philippines should reach his book. Another journey will start, a journey to deliver 1 million copies of newbie book.

Sincerly yours,




Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Freedom Plan

Do you have a freedom plan?

Yesterday, I attended a webinar online with the suitcase entrepreneur with Natalie instead of the inception marketing with Eric, the later was free and the other one with entrance fee of 200 kroner.

I keep investing on webinars and trainings  to increase my knowledge in running online businesses and being an entrepreneur. My dream one day is to put my businesses in different countries especially in the Philippines.

Currently, I'm trying to take a venture in the field of stock market
1. Development of Applications - PAM PSE Tracker:

2. PAM Academy - Online Coaching.

I believed that thru those online tools, I will be able to touch many Pinoys to invest in the stock market and learn how to achieve financial freedom. The truth those tools above are not earning yet because of the expenses in developing the platforms and investment capital but I'm looking for long term prospectives. If I have patience with my stocks to goes up then I will double my patience to have a breakthrough on this field. 

As per Steve Jobs, stay hungry and keep looking. I will follow his advise, it's only a matter of time.

I would like to share to those aspiring entrepreneurs the take away learnings from the suitcase entrepreneur:

1. Embrace Freedom Mindset - not only changing mindsets but taking actions.
2. Creating Financial Freedom - Earning Money.
3. Living the freedom lifestyle.

Start with the foundation of changing your mindset and focusing it on the way to achieve freedom in every areas of your life such as freedom from 9-5 hours job, freedom from debts, freedom from stressful commitments etc.

Taking actions to create money machines that will create your financial freedom to do whatever you want without working but consistently receiving cash flows.Starting sideline businesses, promotions, affiliate marketings, royalties from books etc.etc.

Living the freedom lifestyle, travelling around the world, eating at the most expensive restaurants, flying on business class seats, staying at the famous beach resorts and hotels etc. etc.

Create your freedom plan.

Sincerely yours,


Friday, 19 September 2014

Financial Health Check Up

Are you healthy?
Have you gone to the Doctor in the last past months to have your health check up?

Don't go to your personal Doctor but instead we are going to check your Financial Health.
I'm giving you 10 Financial Health Check up.

1. Monthly budget. As soon as you get into the month end and received a paycheck start making your budget for the next month. At least you will have a control of  unnecessary expenses.

2. Follow the budget. Very basic thing to do is follow your budget at any cost. You should limit your spending and be on track before the next pay day.

3. Earn more and spend less. If you don't have enough earnings and you always exceed on your budget then it's time to think about the sidelines. Extra jobs, overtime, promotions, business adventures etc. etc, Earn more is the main step to financial freedom.

4. Pay yourself first. If you done something good and achieved a goal, then don't forget to pay yourself. Funding your retirement, add a buying power to your porfolio, attend a seminar, and sometimes eat at the expensive restaurant (reward yourself).

5. Positive Cash inflows. The lifeblood of a business is a cashflow. Same in real life, if you don't have cash coming then you would not be able to support your family and personal needs. Check your cash inflows not debt inflows.

6. Debt reduction. If a company has a policy of cost reduction then your goal is to have a debt reduction. Start today.

7. Credit Card. If you don't know how to handle credit card then cut your credit card, literally cut it.  Credit card can be a positive tool, you can maximize it for collection of points or travel miles but always remember to pay on the due date without having any interest imposed.

8. Have a sufficient emergency funds. We don't know when storms will come, better to have a money on the side. You might be surprised of  unforseen events such as job loss, sickness,pregnancy etc .

9. Practice frugality. Frugal living means living simply. You don't need to catch up with Jonesses.
You don't need to be insecure with your neighbors big house, a Mercedes benz, a holiday in Hawaii etc. Your neighboirs bank account balance is negative and have a mountain of debts.

10. Automate your Finances. I automate my monthly funding to my savings, the bank is automatically crediting specific amounts to my investment funds.

There are mamy financial health check up that you can do to yourself. Sometimes, we are afraid to face the hard truth, I will let you check your financial health.

Are you financially healthy?

Sincerely yours,


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Live Below Your Gains

The famous words "tipid" and "kuripot" are usually recommended by financial advisors but they never tell you to create a passive income instead they will offer different financial instruments in which they could get commissions once you buy their products. They would say " stock market is dangerous and risky, better to invest your money on this insurance or funds", then the flowery talks go on and on. Take actions and calculate your risk appetite.I highly recommend investing on the stock market because of our growing economy.

Let's face the fact that multi-level marketing strategy started to be applied by financial institutions, the more you recruit the more you gains,sounds familiar right. I'm not against with it because company saves a lot from their marketing expenses but better to be on top or pioneer. At the end of the day they will tell you "Live below your means because you need to pay for expensive monthly payments".

When I started my journey in the stock market, every time that I gained and picked the right stock, I will treat myself and look at my portfolio of how much money I could spend.
 I had a dinner today at a good restaurant and with a special service of a chef...


Side dish

Main Course

The bill is 380 kroner = 2679 pesos.

My gains today is

I live below my gains.

I realized that since I'm on travel, company pay for all my food expenses.
The dinner was free.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. Please don't join a movement or subscribe to a newsletter that there is no proven method or gains, I rather take time to study it myself or join PAM Academy lol.....

If you have extras and have a big amount of capital then subscription is not an issue but if you are starting with a capital not more than 30 000 then their promises that you could gain easier with their method is only a marketing style.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Prosperity Dance with MCP

I learned to discipline myself in this battlefield, especially after I bought a specific stock. I know what will be the target percentage of gains. The gains above with MCP credits to my wife portfolio. The money on the account came from our wedding prosperity dance. I encouraged her to invest and she is pretty supportive with the decision.

I recommend MCP to her because of the upcoming City of Dreams launching, I closely watched the buyers and sellers of this stock before pressing the buy button, I notice Deutsche and J.P Morgan are buying MCP and with the confirmation of good news of collaboration with Ault Group, a renowned nightclub brands to bring a world class experience in gaming and nightlife into the Philippines fast growing gaming market.

We made a right decision.

Patience is also a key and sticking to your plans, MCP celebrated one month on our portfolio.

Congratulations to MCP holders.

Sincerely yours,

NEWBIE Mentor 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Passive Income Covered Wedding Expenses

Weddings are one of the most expensive celebration nowadays. 
Last July 13, 2014 was one of the happiest day of my life and I will relive for the rest of my life.

The preparation is nerve breaking especially that my wife and I live from different parts of the world.The need to hire for a wedding planner and assistants are needed. Our parents prepared the documentations needed in the church.

My wife and I chose the wedding packages,catering services, menus, entourage, sponsors, videos, and other small details. The wedding ceremony happened in the Transfiguration Chapel of Caleruega.

The reception was held at Veritas Hall for 150 pax:

200 plus came on the reception and additional chairs and tables are needed and we called for suppliers , unfortunately food were enough.

Let me get direct to the point before the nostalgia starts to attack.
The budgeting and preparation part of the wedding are very important. For those that thinking of getting married soon, my advice is to start saving for the occasion and make it a memorable one.

The truth, we covered the expenses for our wedding thru passive income and gifts received from sponsors, families and friends.

Stock Market

Real estate commissions

Tax Incentives
Special tax deductions applicable to foreigners in Norway in their first year of tax residence:

29662 x 7 = 207 634 pesos    
The exchange rate used to convert nok to peso is 7.

Google Ads

724.80 X 7 = 5073 pesos

Prosperity Dance Gifts

Cash gifts received               172 000 pesos

The total passive income  =   677 456.72

There are other gifts received not included on those list like pigs, chickens, furnitures for condo, and one night stay on hotel. 

I hope you are inspired to start focusing on passive income, I don't encourage you to spend above your means but I want you to be inspired that there are sources and ways.

I'm truly blessed with a lot of things in life.
Be true to yourself and share the blessings around.
What really matters in life is the happy relationship, helping others, sharing the love and enjoy this journey to financial freedom.

Sincerely yours,


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Financial Stability

Before starting to a riskier investment or high commitment investment. It's better to ask yourself  few questions and check your risk meter.

Kindly answer Yes or No
1. Do you have emergency funds?
2. Are you debt free or loan free?
3. Do you own your house?
4. Are you permanently employed or managing your own business?
5. Do you have life and health insurance?
6. Do you have education plans for your kids?
7. Do you invest regularly without missing any month?
8. Do you give for charity or church?

If  you answered at least 5 Yes answers then you are on the right track, and try to work out all other questions that you answered No. Check your financial meter then you can move to other high risk investments.

Money is a big part of our daily living and yes the measure of financial stability always falls back to the questions how much money do you have or What is your net worth? Do you have enough money to support your family? Are you living paycheck after paycheck?

Once you understood the value of money and educated yourself about financial instruments, it will be easier for you to achieve financial freedom. The root cause of poverty in our country is lack of financial education. There is no subject in highschool about managing money or saving money. Let the revolution starts at your home. If there are circumstances that you cannot change then change your approach.

I'm looking forward that someday, every Filipinos are financially educated. Thanks to different financial forums and movements spreading financial literacy.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor

Friday, 5 September 2014

Be Inspire

There are many reasons why we started investing in the stock market and want to grow our money thru passive income. Maybe, a dream house, a dream car or  future retirement. We want to have a peace of mind that someday financial freedom will be one step away.

I would like to encourage you to be inspire and consistently adding funds to your investments.Sticking to your plans and motivate yourself by visualizing the brighter future. The comfortable and happy life for our families. The blessings that we could share to those that are financially suffering. Spread the value of saving and investing.

My inspiration in this journey to financial freedom is my baby, 8 months from now he or she will open eyes to the beauty of this life. I'm excited on building my family, sharing the happy moments and good things that life will bring along this journey. Happy relationship will lead to a successful life, as they said success will depends 75%  on your marriage life.

Happy relationship with your families, friends and loved ones even in social media. Another thing that I'm thankful is a growing PAM rich friends community, the trust and confidence given to our analyst are really encouraging especially Prof Leo and Ms. PAM. The knowledge shared by members can be feel at the PAMers chat room.

PAM students are an inspiration and motivation to make our research and analysis stand out. Few successes in our picks, House when we bought it at 6.50 sold at 8, the DD sold at 9 above, SINO bought at 1.13- 1.27 range sold at 1.50 above, AGI below 24.30 entry point, Bloom above 12 TP, Meg with 6% at the moment,  CPG that until now waiting for the reversal sign, PCOR and PGOLD added on our long term stocks and MCP as a stock play for 3rd quarter etc.

In a successful relationship, you should be authentic, true to yourself and to everyone around you. Being newbie in this field, you need to ask a mentor or experience investor and do your assignment later. You might encounter harsh response but that's ok, his portfolio might be suffering from blood bath.

Keep yourself inspired and continuously learning in this battlefield.

Sincerely yours,


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Life vs Stock

Stock movement is up and down metaphorically can be compared to our journey in life.
The celebration of life and death of loved ones, promotions and job loss, passed and failed exam, visas approved and disapproved, rejections and acceptance, healing and sickness etc.

Whatever moments of ups and downs in our life, the important part of it is "LEARNING" or "SCAR" that  would leave a marked. The next time that will encounter those situations, we will be stronger and prepared.

There are many life situations or events that could affect our journey and might hit us any time, same situation with our chosen stock. Stock could go up and down dictated by different external factors, economic stability, dividends, follow on offering, IPO, merger, expansion plans, earnings, stock rights etc.

One good example of a stock that keeps moving up and down is MEG, I highly recommended this stock from our PAM Ghost Webinar and PAM Lock Webinar, I followed the movement of this stock in the past 2 weeks and  worth my positioned:

I mentioned that amongst the highlighted stock by COL financial and BPI Sec that MEG have the highest potential upside from the given fair value of both brokers.



I gave an entry point below 4.20 and the current price of the stock is tracing 4.50 above, equivalent to more than 5% gains. Indeed, the ups of this stock should be taken into consideration that the rally will continue due to the increasing earnings and more projects to launch. I mentioned DNL as well because of the presence of the stock in both brokers list.

At the end of the day, whether Life or Stock , we should have the Upside in our journey and live at the present moment.

Sincerly yours,


P.S. If you followed the PAM recommendations on the webinar, then your portfolio will have at least 5% gains because your mentor's portfolio showing a Green Christmas light. Follow the leader or I would say validate the leader's picked.

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