Sunday, 31 August 2014

Pursue your Dreams

I heard this words many times : "PURSUE YOUR DREAMS"
Let me share with you my dreams:
1. I want to become a Famous Chef.
2. I want to own a restaurant business.
3. I want to finish a Masteral Degree.
4. I want to be a best selling author.
5. I want to be financially wealthy.

Those are few dreams that I'm trying to pursue in the past 10 years of my life. Yesterday, I sat down at the Italian Restaurant and reflect of my past. I was once a dishwasher in a small restaurant in Rome, Italy named l'elefantino ristorante, during that time my Mom was suffering from pulmonary bronchitis then I decided to work and help her financially. I and my sister decided to sent her home for medication. I'm having a teary be continued...

There are surprises and unexpected events that will bring you to places that you never imagine. I was able to travel and work in different places around Europe while trying different jobs and position to pursue my dreams and discovering my passion.

Looking back to those listed dreams above, they are not achieved yet or I might not pursue them.
We are told that working hard will help you achieved your dreams, but the truth it involves passion. If you love what you do and know the purpose of your life, then even without listing those dreams, one day you will woke up and see them happening. I never dream of being a stock market mentor, investing and trading are hobbies for me, turned out that I have passion for it.

Dreams are blueprints of our journey. The destination that we are chasing everyday.Challenges and hardships will  come during this journey. I don't know what will be the key to achieve those dreams, one thing I know I'm happy where I am right now and doing the things that I love. I remake my list of dreams:

1. I want to have 2 kids and a healthy family.
2. I want to launch 2 or 3 books until year 2015.
3. I want PAM Academy to grow.
4. I want to have a PAM free kindergarten.
5. I want to be a CFO.

The focus of first set of dreams are money, fame and achievements. The second set focus on relationships, personal development, helping and sharing with others.

This quote will motivates you:

P.S. After I ate the pasta, I said to myself "Life is a daring adventure", now I don't need to wash the restaurant plates.

If you are reading this blog, share with us your journey in achieving your dreams.

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