Sunday, 10 August 2014


As FB forums increasing number of members, it is a good sign
that many locals or kababayans started investing in the stock market.
A sign that many Pinoy are looking for financial freedom and financial richness.
A very important thing to know is “there is no magic formula”, you will pass trials and challenges.
If someone told you that they earned a lot of money in stocks, they incurred losses as well.
I always recommend you not to follow anyone.You need to study and do your own research. If you want to stay in this field, then learning from your own mistakes will give you knowledge that will be useful in future trades. Stock market is for the risks taker, there are few successful people because few are willing to take a risks.
If you achieved your dreams even a little dream, finished your degree, started a small business,
you went abroad, and started investing. Consider yourself already an achiever and used the same technique developed in your past achievements.
Be proud of yourself, because if not who will do?
Don’t let anyone look down on you
Always look for the possible opportunities of learning.
While the red blooded market hitting your portfolio, you cannot avoid it as this part of
stocks investing/trading. What you can do is watch and learn?
We have recommended books , the Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham and Buffetology  by Mary Buffet for long term investors and Trading for a living by Alexander Elder  and  Stock Market Strategies that work by Jake and Elliot Bernstein for Traders.
I have red a lot of rich stories in the past and many asks for my advise.If you are one of them, I’m hoping that you are holding to those lessons. I might not be able to buzz  or pm you with your situation right now but I will be always here on your side dreaming that many Filipinos will achieve their dreams.
Take care of your port,  it should be a reflection of yourself.
OMG! I have blu chip stocks that turned into red stocks.
Better to study first and make your own strategy as PAMpayamang strategy.
Samahan Mo Kami Patungo Sa Financial Freedom..

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