Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Choose the right Stock Broker

Last time we defined what is stock?
Let's move to the next step and probably one of the important decisions to make is to choose the right broker for you. The criteria are the following:
1. Customer Service should be friendly and promptly reply to your inquiries.
2. Systems working properly/ Online trading platform user friendly.
3. Easy transfer of funds.
4. Brokers Research and Analysis are credible.
5. Proven track record.

Try to check the list of brokers in the PSE website. You can open an account with a minimum of 5000PHP. If you are an OFW, download the forms on their website and send it thru DHL or post office. They will acknowledge your forms and give you the account number. BINGO. Fund your account.

List of my recommended brokers:

I found them convenient because of the online banking transfer thru those stock brokers. In terms of customer service, COL and Philstocks are accomodating. BPI system is always down. First Metro have a good app but I'm using PAM PSE Tracker.

For Fundamental Analysis, COL is one of the best because of the financial forecasting method.
For Technical Analysis, Philstock is preferable.

Sample of COL Investment Guide:

Sample of Technical Analysis of Philstocks:

Another consideration is transaction fees, as per checking COL has a lower fees from the list of brokers on the table below:

I will let you pick your Stock Broker.Don't forget to secure your TIN number.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. The good thing with COL Investment guide buy below price and Target Price are same with those stocks chosen by our SAMers Friends.

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